Coffee Date {sharing life}

Good Morning, beautiful ladies!

I hope your doing well this morning! Today I am joining Rachel & Madison for a coffee date.

Ideally we would be in a quaint little coffee shop with an adorable name, comfy couches, & cream spilling over our giant coffee mugs. Reality, however, has us all over the country sharing life together through our words. It’s bittersweet really. To be here. Right here…but still with you! I am so thankful that we are! This little blog has become home to many new friends! I am also thankful for the relationships God has allowed me to cultivate with such ahhh-mazing Christian women!  

Today’s coffee date is all about sharing life. Being vulnerable. Really answering the question: “how am I doing?” I had intended to share with everyone all about my upcoming trip to China. I haven’t announced it yet here so I thought it would be perfect! (CHINA!) But as fate would have it, when I truly asked myself the question… “How am I?”, that’s not what came spilling out of my fingers. 

I am good” turned to into “fine” into “overwhelmed.” 

There you have it. 

With everything going on in my life…I am overwhelmed. 

As if that wasn’t enough to realize, the She Reads Truth study on Nehemiah & the Lara Casey Live earlier this week just created the perfect storm for revelations…My so called “good” on the surface doesn’t seem to even be the tip of the iceberg. 

Let me explain. I am by no means on the edge of a cliff or anything. My family is awesome, my marriage is such a blessing, and my friends, health, & job are great. So, by all means, my life is “good“…but looking deeper, I am not so sure my priorities are in line. 

I don’t know that I am using my time wisely or that I am being intentional with my marriage, friends, or money. My constant to do list grows with every thought. My obsessive thoughts on my tasks gets in the way of, well, almost everything. As I told a Friend the other day, there is NO resting in the finished tasks because I am constantly moving on to the next one.

Maybe this is more than you bargained for on this coffee date, but let’s be honest…who doesn’t keep a to-do list? Or isnt constantly feeling the need to keep the house clean, laundry put away, dinner in the oven, blog post scheduled, bills paid, family happy? I am exhausted with this already — and truthfully so is my soul. Simplifying our lives has become about having the right planner & pretty pens to write in it…not necessarily what is filling those pages. Not to mention we feel the need to take perfect IG pics to show we do it (hello – ME too!). 

Lara Casey was talking about trying to fill our lives with things that only god can. It may be unintentional, but that’s what is happening, y’all! The more stuff I have in my life, the more I have to manage – the more I have opportunities to distract me from time with God. It’s time to clear the clutter. It’s time to to do something different & weed out the things in life that are in no way helping me know him or make him known. What is life without Christ? And what on my list is honestly going to be worth standing in front of The King saying “oh, I am sorry, you were actually the very next thing on my list.” 


I am preaching to myself, friends. This last week God has all but called me to throw every post-it note & writing utensil in the yard….he actually might have but I was probably making a list about it! I joke – but it’s true. We are all here at some point in this walk, when we realize life is so much more then our lists & prefect planners. This life is filled with THINGS. We choose those things. And we choose if we will let them rule our time or if we rule them. Let’s choose the things that matter and let’s not let them steal our JOY!

If you are at this place too, let’s rest together. Rest in the finished things on our lists AND in the finishedwork of Christ. 

Thank you so much for joining me for coffee & I pray you were encouraged. 


Frankly my dear…rest, because it is finished! 

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