Five on Friday {Weekend Getaway}

It’s finally Friday…AND I am off to the Smokey Mountains for a weekend getaway with my man as we speak! YAY!
Dropping in for a brief Five on Friday chat with the girls!  

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Panera’s Lemon Chicken Orzo

Maybe I am late to this party but have y’all had this soup from Panera?! Ummm…delish! And perfect for summer.  I am thinking I need to find my own recipe on Pinterest!!

Stitch Fix

If you aren’t signed up for your fix yet…you are missing out. No but really. This is by far the best idea ever! You fill out an extensive style questionnaire & for $20 you receive a box full of clothes to try on. If you like them, you keep them (after you pay for them)! If not, send them back! Learn more from my first fix or sit tight for my review of #2 coming next week!

Button Earring Holder

So my friend text me these last night & I am amazed! Again…maybe I am the last one to know about this but this is PERFECT! I am always afraid of loosing one earring or both of them all together! This is a great, inexpensive (and adorable) solution.

Have you any of you already done this?

I am uncertain of the sources since she text me these! If you know, I would love to know so I can give them credit  (& thank them for such a brilliant idea!).

DeBrands Chocolate

This week our small group met at a local hot spot – DeBrands! This is a Fort Wayne founded chocolate company that specializes in world renown sweets. From their boxes of exquisite truffles to literal boxes made of chocolate, this has to be some of the best chocolate I’ve ever had in my life! Below was my treat on Tuesday…excessive? Maybe. Delicious? You can only imagine!

P.S. The pecans were roasted & the carmel was homemade too! 

Mini Vacay

Luke & I are currently on the road to visit the smokies! His family always went there when he was younger but this is my first trip. I am so pumped for a little getaway and for time with my man!

Any must see places y’all know about?!

Does anyone have exciting Memorial Day plans? We are so blessed to live in this country & should be grateful for those who serve! Find a way to thank those heroes over the long weekend, shall we?!

Thanks for stopping by & have a great extended weekend!

Frankly my dear…Happy LONG Weekend!!

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