May Day {Goals + A Big Announcement}

Each new month is exciting, but I feel like May maybe the most exciting! 

Spring is blooming, school is coming to an end, & summer is just around the corner. 

May hosts such an beautiful persona of hope & I can’t wait to see what this year has in store!

April Goal Recap:

April was one of the hardest months of my life. I lost a dear friend, was away from home for three weeks, AND was working all through the madness. Despite the craziness, I am so thankful for the things God showed me about myself & my family throughout the month. To talk goals however…it wasn’t very pretty. 

Be more intentional…You could say I did ok at this. When I was at home with family I would definitely say I was more intentional with time. As far as my home life & work life…not so much. Time management is an area I need to be much more intentional with.

Eat more veggies…Just going to put an F on this one. Being on the road for so long = way too much fast food.

Spring Cleaning…Kinda?! I am definitely getting there. All I wanted to do when I got home was CLEAN. Strange I know. Blame it on my slight OCD. I posted a great tips post here & it helped me get organized. I still have some areas left!

Date Night Question…Considering Luke and I had all of one date together last month, nope on this one too. THIS week.

Join the gym…Another no. I was gone, remember? We did take a family walk last week. That’s exercise.

Coffee Dates…YES! Finally one I got! At home I was able to have coffee with several friends & when I got back I had coffee + shopping with a new friend! Cheers to success!

Learn something new about myself…I think this one goes without needing explanation. From death to faith, I would say I learned several new things this month. Something this month has definitely taught me with this goal setting thing is that there’s really no need for excuses…and honestly there’s some beauty in failure. Knowing that my identity is not in these goals or in the success of achieving them is incredibly freeing. Yes, setting goals is a necessity in life, but our worth is not based on them. It’s so easy to be discouraged by the failure, yet humbling to know that God has given me another month to work on them, to teach me more. Be encouraged!

May Goals:

Continued from last month…

Be more intentional, especially with TIME.

Eat More Veggies + Exercise More.

Date Night Question

1. Spend more time here: 

Amongst the hustle & bustle of life, this little balcony offers such peace & refreshment. I NEED those things in my life!

2. Memorize Scripture. Psalm 119:11 Says:

“I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”

3. Host a Kentucky Derby Party. Only TWO days away! I can’t wait to recap on Monday!

4. Go through my closet. For those who know me this will be a major task. I am embarrassed to say that I have clothes I still haven’t even unpacked from our move a year ago. I have a problem. Maybe a blog sale?!

5. Celebrate our TWO year wedding anniversary. That’s crazy to even think about…two years married to my best friend! Wow! Maybe a little getaway is in store!

6. Create a post “cushion”. Some days it’s just not there. Other’s there way more. In an effort to balance out content & be more time effiecent, a safety cushion of posts would be ideal.

7. Pack. That’s right…pack. The big announcement is NOT that I am pregnant (be honest, how many thought that?!), it’s that WE ARE MOVING! It’s official…as of yesterday, Luke & I are renting the cutest little house that will be all ours (kinda) in June. Yay!

a little sneak peak!

What are your May goals?

Frankly my dear…it’s gonna be May! 

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