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Happy Friday Eve, Friends! Who is super pumped about the weekend?

Today I am excited to introduce you to my new friend & sponsor.
She’s a southern gal after my own heart & I know you’ll just love her!

Friends, meet Alysse from A Southernly Belle Vie! She is a girlfriend,daughter, and a fur-momma to a sweet pup. She is 23 years old, a full time employee, a full time student, and a business owner of Alysse Danielle Photography

Alysse is new to the blogging scene so rather than doing her own guest post, we thought it would be great for you to get to know her better. I’ve followed her blog & various other social media, as well as chatted about several things. I told her last night that I just wish we could meet for coffee or sit on her porch swing with a class of wine. But for now, we’ll just have to chat with this Louisiana Belle from here!

Me: Let’s start with the story behind your blog!

A: I began this blog in hopes of having an outlet where I could share my little piece of heaven with y’all.  Sure I could use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram but I wanted something more. I wanted a place to call “home.”  A place for my readers to connect with me and truly get a glimpse into my incredibly blessed life.

Me: So, what’s in a name? How did you come up with A Southernly Belle Vie?

A: Being from Cajun Country my southern roots run deep.  And so does my Cajun French Heritage.  I can’t count how many times I get called out on my accent! Throughout K-8th grade I was enrolled in a program called French Immersion.  It’s a program where students take every subject in, well, French!  As the years progressed I became very fluent in franglais!  It’s a cross between French and English and a term I clearly coined myself 😉  Eventually a light bulb went off in my head and A Southernly Belle Vie was born!  To translate it means a southernly good life!  Half French and half English!

Me: What inspired you to begin your own photography business?

A: Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always had a knack for being detail oriented and creative.  I’m ambidextrous and can do absolutely everything with BOTH of my hands.  (I’m pretty convinced that it has a lot to do with my creativity.)  I actually stumbled upon photography, so to speak.  A friend asked me to take some pictures for her with my camera and I instantly fell in love with every aspect of photography.  I have a “go getter” mind set and being one of the best was a huge priority.  And well, that’s how Alysse Danielle Photography was born.  I’m a self taught photographer.  I knew that beginning my own business at such a young age would be tough.  But I refused to take “no” for an answer so I read every book I could get my hands on, had many of friends be models for me, and watched every educational YouTube videos regarding photography.  It’s been such a challenge owning my own business but the blessings it has brought me have not gone unnoticed.

Me: What piece of advice would you give someone who wanted to start their own business?

A: My advice would be just do it.  Learn and absorb as much as you can.  It’s so exciting accomplishing personal goals!  I’m a BIG believer in the saying “there’s no such word as can’t.”  I played competitive softball for MANY years and had the opportunity to play collegiate ball before I blew out my shoulder.  I was devastated with that news and my confidence was crushed for a while.  Being scared of the unknown or being told “no” is the absolute best fuel one can have.  Think of all the times you have shyed away from an opportunity because of a past experience or simply because you’re scared to take that leap.  You are more than your fears.  Grab on to your dreams and go for it!

Me: You & your honey just bought a house. YAY! What are you most looking forward to about your new home?

A: I knew that when Christian and I decided to buy a home together that all of my childhood dreams would soon become true.  He’s the absolutely most wonderful person on this Earth and to have the privilege of sharing a life with him is so heart warming. The things I am looking forward to most are: cooking dinners, decorating our first Christmas tree, having guests and family over, rocking in our rocking chairs on our huge front porch, having trick-or-treators, starting our own traditions, beginning our family together, lazy Saturdays, working in our flower bed, saying our prayers together before bed every night, overcoming our disagreements, tight hugs and kisses before we leave for work in the morning… Just ENJOYING our new chapter of our lives! We are so so so blessed and excited.

Me: Favorite piece of southern advice/tradition?

A: There are way too many southern traditions or pieces of advice that are my absolute favorites…but I can tell y’all this, being southern is a privilege.  It’s an honor to be brought up in a southern home and it’s something I will instill in my future children.  One of my favorite southern traditions include: church on Sunday morning, no matter how late you stayed out Saturdaynight, followed by a big family lunch/early dinner.  Down here we speak our words slowly, respect our elders, and always always mind our manners.  I’m from a very small southern town.  We have a caution light and that’s it.  High school sweethearts marry and the blackberry pie is always piping hot.  We hang our clothes out to dry and helping your neighbor is never out of the question.

Me: What’s one goal you’re working towards this year?

A: ONE goal I am working towards this year is being a better Catholic and woman of God.  Strengthening my relationship with the man upstairs will pave a path for me that it undoubtedly the best path, in my opinion, that one can travel down.  By becoming a better woman of God, I will be a better girlfriend, future spouse, and future mother. Many exciting things are happening right now and I know that NONE of those things would be happening if it wasn’t for the guidance and love from God.

Me: Describe your ideal day.

A: My ideal day would be a day spent with my sweetheart.  I know that sounds SO cheesy but it’s true.  He is a diesel mechanic and travels all over the world.  He’s gone about 70% of the time so the “never go to bed angry rule” is definitely enforced in our household.  He has sacrificed so much for us and our future family that no words would ever be enough to thank him.  When he’s home we have the absolute best time.  We laugh and talk just like best friends.  It’s something I’m so absolutely grateful for.  Some of our favorite pass times include: hunting, fishing, going to Sunday morning mass, having dinners at our home, and spending time with both of our families.  Of course, we each have our own hobbies that do not include one another.  I believe in balance and I think our relationship is the perfect example of that.


Food | Boiled crawfish

Color | My favorite color to wear is plum, dark green, and any shade of blue.

Color | My favorite color in general is pink

Flower | I have two… hydrangeas and tulips

Movie | The Guardian

Book | The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

Blog Post | My first blog post 🙂

I hope that y’all had a great time meeting my sweet friend & I hope you get to know her better! Visit her blog or catch up with her on social media!

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Frankly my dear…make a new friend, visit Alysse! 

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