A Day in the Life {Link-Up}

Community has been huge for me lately & the blogging world has provided me with such fun relationships with people I would have otherwise never have met! I am always showing my husband pictures from your instagrams and he asks who you are…usually I just rattle off your name like he knows you like I do. I generally get the “oh do you really know them” remark…And that’s followed with an “Of course, I DO!! ha!

When I first read about the link-up Rachel & Brittany were hosting, I was totally on board! I love getting to know the real person behind the blog and Instagram pictures. It’s so easy to post the perfectly staged desk, amazing dinner, or freshly cleaned house…but let’s be real…how often is that really the case? (Myself included!) Some weeks it does happen but, other’s not so much. Getting to know the real person behind the blog is exactly what this community is all about!

Rachel Rewritten

My morning routines can sometimes be a blur. I work from home so setting my schedule takes self-discipline…something that comes easier somedays that others. It’s so easy to get caught up with all the tasks I need to get done – run here, visit this customer, drop off that, make sure there’s food in the pantry… you understand. It is something that is just typical of life, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. Ideally, my days would start here – with Jesus & Coffee.

This summer I am joining Naptime Diaries on the Abide journey and I am loving it so far! It’s a great tool for the summer since it’s a more of a weekly focus that you can work on at your own pace. So refreshing! 

Lately, I have also been preparing for my trip to China. I will be there this time NEXT month….crazy!! I am SO pumped to be leading a group of youth on a trip to China. We will be doing various culture activities as well as working with an english camp.

Part of my morning routine is also to make sure this guy is fed & happy. Axle is our one year old English Bulldog who doesn’t realize he is infact a dog! He can be such a stinker but I love him so!

If any of you have been here long, you know my job is in agriculture. I work with farmers to market their crops. I’ve worked with corn, soybeans, & wheat, but for the time being I am just buying corn to  make ethanol. There’s a ton of stuff that goes into it, but that’s basically it. I absolutely love getting out each day and meeting my customers on their farms. Everyday brings something new & I am so thankful I get to experience that!

To say there is consistency in my evenings would be laughable. With Spring & Summer here, we’ve had something every night! Blame it on the awful winter, but there’s seriously something all the time. Monday Luke plays softball, Tuesdays we have small group, Wednesday are church, & by Thursday and Friday we are about ready to collapse. We also aren’t unpacked from our move from an apartment to a house so I feel like everyday I am constantly unpacking & putting things away.

Despite the busy schedule we have been making time for our evening workouts with friends. It’s sometimes difficult to squeeze them in, but what’s more important than our health?! Working out is FAR from a passion of mine – honestly enjoyable wouldn’t even apply – but I know that it’s important to take care of my body.

first, let me take a selfie….

It honestly doesn’t seem that exciting, but I love this little life! I have been blessed with so much & the fact that I can say I come home to a beautiful home filled with everything I need – including a husband who loves me – I am one lucky girl! Everyday isn’t easy, it’s not always like the pictures you see on IG, but this pretty much sums up my everyday.

Thanks for stopping by & I would love to know more about the real you too!

Frankly my dear…it’s just a day in the life of me!

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