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Today’s post is going to be a bit different. I was out of town yesterday for business followed by an interesting meeting for my trip next month. Which got me thinking…

We are learning about culture – here and there. We are seeking to understand what makes them — and us — tick. How are we alike? How are we different? What does that mean when we interact? How does that look like lived out through faith?

One attribute that is reoccurring in our discussions (and my life) is this idea of community. A group based society where we depend on one another. We don’t seek to dominate the other, individual success is not priority. In our western culture, it can be brutal. But is it biblical?

So today, I am asking YOU for some responses on our culture. In an effort to prepare my heart for a completely different people group, I need to understand ours. I would love for you to join this conversation in the comments & my hope is that before I leave, I will revisit these Q&A’s in another post!

In America we strive for individual success. How does that help/hurt our community?

Can it be changed? Should it be changed?

What does that mentality look like biblically?

How do we transition from a “cliquey” society to one that fosters community?

How do we relate to people that aren’t like us?

What makes us feel so superior to others? How do we change that?

 Does an American Christian look different than a Christian on another part of the world?

What are characteristics of faith lived out?

What’s your story?

Maybe these questions don’t mean anything to you….but I honestly believe there’s something to them. Faith around the world is so different….but the Gospel isnt.
 This world has hundreds of different religions, thousands of different believers, millions of different ideas. Everyone believes in something…even if they don’t know what it is.

Thanks so much for joining me today & I can’t wait to hear from you!

Frankly my dear…Let’s Discuss!

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