June Goals

Hello, June!!

I really can’t believe we are already half way through this year! Crazy!
Looking over last month’s goals it seems like there’s no way it’s already time to review them & make new ones. But Summer is here…so let’s bring it on!

May was fantastic! I was able to accomplish some goals as well as leave plenty of room for improvement this month. (That’s one way of looking at it, right?!)

Be more intentional. I’ll have to say that I am definitely in the right direction. I don’t feel like living intentional comes out of no where. Over the last couple of weeks, I have seen areas of my life that have grown, but others that haven’t. It’s a race, not a sprint…I just have to remember that!

Eat more veggies + Exercise More. Yes and YES!! We FINALLY joined the gym AND until this last week of vacation + moving, veggies were good. Oops!

Date Night Questions. I am kind of embarrassed to say that this still hasn’t happened. It’s irritating to me because it’s also one of the simplest, least time consuming, most important goals I have. But, after all, that’s why I do this exercise each month…to be accountable, honest, & real. My marriage is top priority…so why isnt this more pressing for me?

Spend more time in the word + patio. Not as much as I would like to admit. The beginning of May was kind of cool so no Patio time then. The end was packed with moving…literally. I am not trying to make excuses, it just simply wasn’t a priority this month. As I settle into a new routine this next season, it WILL be priority.

Memorize Scripture. Does a couple verses count? I believe so. Again, race not sprint.

Derby Party. It was perfect! Recap here!

Go through my closet. You could kind of say that…we have to be out of our apartment this week so I am in the process of moving. I have lots to get rid of, blog sale anyone?!

Celebrate our TWO year wedding anniversary. Check! The Smokey Mountains were incredible! Details coming this week!

Create a post “cushion”. This did NOT happen. Uhg.

Pack.  Oh Yes. This DID happen. There are only a few things left in the apartment & our house is filled with boxes! Cheers to a sweet new home!

Now, let’s see what June will bring us!!

Continued from last month…

Date Night Question

Create a post “cushion”

Memorize more scripture.

1.     Regular Health Routine. Now that we joined the gym, it’s time for a set schedule & healthy eating habits!

2.     Simplified Binder + Abide Journal = More time with Jesus. This is my new routine all wrapped up into one. I want to go into more detail but the gist is, God has really been convicting me about time management – for things that do and don’t matter. In order to be a better steward of that time, I want to use my Simplified Binder to track how I am spending my time & use it to see what I can cut out & trim down to bring more Glory to Him. I am also going to use the Abide Journals from Naptime Diaries to join a community of women who seek to know Jesus more. I can’t wait to dive into this season of newness and see what God has in store!

3.     Meal Plan. With getting healthier & being more intentional comes meal planning. I think this will be a great way to break in our new kitchen just right!

4.     Go to the Farmer’s Market & cook a meal from the things we buy. – Speaking of meal planning…I am super pumped about this one! Fort Wayne has a Farmer’s Market, but so does this quaint little town just north of us. It’s so precious & definitely where I want to go…maybe both?!

5.     Start my summer reading list. Right now my list consist of some Jodi Picoult books, The Nesting Place, Bread & Wine, and a few others. I can’t wait to dive in & soak up summer at it’s finest!

6.     Organize our home. My Pinterest filled mind is overflowing with ideas for the new house. Top two at the moment – new office & pantry. I’ll leave it at those two this month!

7.     Prepare for China. July 16th I’ll be embarking a trip across the world. Crazy! I am so excited & have lots of preparation todo. My prayer at the moment is for my interactions with the people I will encounter. Will you join me in that??

To say that we are halfway through 2014 is overwhelming & exciting at the same time. May this month be filled with all things relaxing, enjoyable, & sunny!

Frankly my dear…Happy June, Y’all!

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