Virginia is for Lovers {Guest Post}

Happy Monday Frankly My Dear readers!! 
My name is Cayte and I am so excited to
have been June’s sponsor for Jenni! Crazy how this month has gotten away from
us, but I am excited for the opportunity to guest post today! In case you haven’t ever read my story over at Blog With The Browns, I am a newlywed baseball wife that lives full time in Virginia! 

As I was driving home the other day, I thought to myself, there is so much that Virginia has to offer that I overlook all the time.  So today I wanted to share with you some of the reasons why I love Virginia and some reasons why you should put Virginia on your bucket list!

one: Mountains, Lakes, Beachs, and Country

You may think that Virginia only has the beach or Virginia only has the country…. well I am here to inform you that we have the whole kit and caboodle here y’all! From the Blue Ridge mountains out in the western part of the state, to the beautiful ocean and beaches on the shore, to the rolling hills of Fredericksburg, Virginia is stacked with beautiful landscape and beautiful drives.  If you are planning on making the drive over here, please incorporate these beautiful views into your trip!

two: All four seasons

Down here (over here, up there, wherever Virginia is) we get all four seasons and I LOVE IT! I love that when its super cold and snowing, summer is only a few months away! Before it gets super hot though, we get to enjoy all the love that pollen brings to my nose during spring.  UGH. No but seriously, having all four seasons is perfect. 

three: Convenient

It’s been said that 60% of the United States can get to Virginia in one days worth of driving.  You can’t get much more convenient than that! Once you are in Virginia its also very easy to travel to different parts of the states.  You can be at the beach at 8 in the morning and DC by lunch time…as long as the traffic is on your side!

four: Wineries

California isn’t the only great place for a glass of pinot! Virginia has over 150 different wineries across the state! However, I have honestly only been to two of them so I can’t give much of a variety opinion, but I can say that the two I went to were AMAZING.  Beautifully situated right in the valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains with great tours as well! 

five: History

Virginia is for the history buff.  I can‘t even being to count the number of historical sites I have visited over the years. Random side note: In 4th grade, our school made us make a Virginia History Scrapbook so this is half the reason I have been to all these places! But seriously, Virginia is known for so much history and its a great place to educate yourself!

six: Virginia Is For Lovers

From wine tasting to romantic date nights in Virginia Beach, I would say love is in the air in Virginia! Not only did I meet the love of my life here, but we started our life here, met friends here, and have made Virginia a home together!

 Thanks again to Jenni for letting me take over the blog today and as she would say…..

“Frankly my dear…Visit Virginia!”

Now, go check out my new friend & sponsor, Cayte!