July Goals

Happy Tuesday, Y’all! 

I know I say this every month…but let’s be real! Who feels like this year has come and gone way to quickly?! It’s strange to think about, but two years ago, yesterday Luke & I closed on our first home. Today we are living 8 hours from there in another home that we are renting. Different jobs, friends, church, & circumstances…all for the better! Life seems to go by so quickly before we even realize it!

Each month I share my new goals with you & today’s the day!

Just to give a little recap, here’s some feedback from June!

Regular Health Routine. Such progress y’all! This last week has been a bit crazy, but for most of June we were pretty dedicated! Now, just to get back in the swing of things in time for CHINA!

New Routine. I’ll have to say that some days were much better than others. Starting a book for small group & preparing for my trip has actually consumed more of my time than the journals. I truly hope to see that change when I return!

Meal Plan. Not a chance…not gonna lie!

Farmer’s Market. This one was not so hot either! While it sounds perfect, we were busy as bees this month. My parent’s did come & we brought some fresh goodies from Amish country…does that count?!

Start my Reading List. While my China books have taken most of my time, I have dug into Bread & Wine a bit more! Just in time for Rachel’s series!

Organize our Home. It’s getting there and I am so pumped! We sort of took a break from moving & unpacking to build some patio furniture from pallets. It was not as easy as I thought…but it’s done and as soon as it stops raining, the paint will be done & it’ll be ready to reveal!

Prepare for China. Obviously from some of my other comments you know that this is in full swing! Two weeks from today will be my last night in my bed for a while & I am so eager I can hardly sleep now!!

Continued from last month…

Reading List
Organize Home

While most months I have very strategic, set out goals, this month I am making one giant specific goal….To know him & make him known…on my trip There are so many things that need to be done around my home, at church, with friends, for family, events to attend, etc….The list could go on for days…but this month is about a new journey. I don’t want to miss what God is trying to teach me, so I’m seeking to clear the distractions & really focus on my motivation for this trip & for the people I will encounter. I’ve learned so much already & I can hardly contain the excitement for the opportunity to experience their church. I know there will be specific goals I’ll want to achieve while I am there, but maybe I’ll share those later!

If you missed my post last week about Global Faith & what the Gospel looks like through the eyes of others, check out this post! I would love to hear from you & also for your prayers this month as I embark on a totally crazy, exciting journey! 

Frankly my dear…Hel-lo JULY!!

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