Be Still

Good Morning, Friends!

Remember how this space is about vulnerability, about REAL life? Well, that’s hard.

To  live a life that’s truly worthy of the Gospel is hard.

The world gives us so many things to do, to hear, to see, to want.
In this day in age, it’s way too easy to keep going.
Going…even when you don’t remember where you are going…but you just keep on.

It’s far harder to be still. To be still and know seems virtually impossible when we are always told more, further, faster, stronger.

What does STILL even look like?


At my sales training last week we talked about that awkward silence during your conversations with customers. It’s our instinct to automatically fill that with words or questions. But when it comes down to it, we need that silence. It’s a time to process, understand, apply. It’s not just for sales, people! That silence in our lives is God telling us to be still. It’s him allowing us that moment to think. It’s NOT time to fill it with more words or silly things. It’s a time to  be still.

For me, still means learning priorities. Making tough choices. Weeding out the unnecessary.

Still is determining what matters, being content, & praising my Lord for the abundance he has provided for me.

Being still is hard. And convicting.

I’d love to discuss this with you!
Pretend we are at coffee! I’ve got a grande carmel latte with lots of cream and extra carmel.
What are you having? What does being still look like? How do we achieve that today?

So thankful for you & I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!
Have a great Tuesday!

Frankly my dear…Be Still!

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