Oh Hey Friday! {v. 2}

Oh Hey, Friends and Happy Friday!
Happy August for that matter!

I am HOME from China & despite the jet lag and piles of laundry, I am SO thankful. The trip was absolutely incredible & the people there have completely stolen my heart!

For today’s Five I am linking up  Kali & Amy to give you Five of my favorite moments from my trip to China!

This Country

It seems so surreal to me that I was actually ON the Great Wall of China. Or the fact that I was IN Tiananmen Square or the Forbidden City. China’s history is so rich & fascinating! Experiencing it first hand is something I will never forget.

The vastness of the Great Wall is incredible. To imagine the work & craftsmanship it took blows my mind. The day we visited the Great Wall was crazy humid & super muggy. Despite the unfortunate weather, the wall did not disappoint. Neither did the square or the forbidden city. The details & architectures are just indescribable. If only walls could talk!

This Church

I can’t even begin to describe how much love and generosity these people showed. From the time we arrived to the last goodbye, they were the very definition of gracious! I pray that their kind spirits & overwhelming since of joy is something I captured & will be able to share at home.

These Children

I don’t even know where to begin. There is a small part of me that is left with these little ones. Especially that sweet little girl in the second photo who pops into my mind at least 500 times a day. Despite the fact we did not speak the same language or know the same routines, they loved us. They loved me. God truly works through the giggles of children & I am so so so blessed to have worked with these kids. I pray the seeds that were planted in those little hearts on the third floor of that building will flourish & absolutely change the world for Macau.

This View

While we were in Macau, the church we were working with gave my group the opportunity to experience the city unlike any other. We traveled to Macau tower where we climbed 731 feet to the top. We strapped in & walked around the edge of the tower for views of the city you can only dream of! It was almost overwhelming to the see everything so small. I just prayed for that city, it’s people, & that God would change lives there.

That Feeling

Our last night in China was spent on the banks of Hong Kong admiring the beautiful city lights. It was so bittersweet to miss our new Chinese brothers & sisters but hopeful for our homecoming. I will never be able to forget the experiences I had in China. The feeling that I will be back here is so prominent in my heart. Maybe it’s because God has placed an incredible love for the Chinese people on my heart. Or maybe it’s because I know that Jesus is moving on the streets of China & there is nothing that will stop it. I am devastated to leave these people in this place, but I have NO doubt that I will see these people again…maybe here in China, possibly in Indiana, but certainly in Heaven!

This trip. My heart is forever changed! I can’t wait to show more pictures & share crazy stories, but for now, you know I’m home – exhausted, grateful, & blessed!

Happy Weekending, Friends!

Frankly my dear…Happy Friday!!

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