Oh Hey Friday {v.5}

It’s finally Friday, Friends!!
Today I am joining  Kali & Amy for Oh Hey, Friday!….Doesn’t it look great on us?!

T Swift Confession!

So…I’m not sure if it is completly against the rules or not, but am LOVING Taylor’s new song! Maybe it’s the catchy beat or potentially all the awkward moves in this video – I live for awkward!!


So thank’s to my fabulous friend & blog designer, Whitney, I am officially a Spotify convert. This post won me over & know I’m addicted. In fact, it’s streaming now!

If you’re a Spotifier….follow me so I can follow you!
(forgive my newness…I don’t have playlists yet!)

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Last night I was officially nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge all the way from Alabama! In addition to donating to the ALS foundation, I plan on participating the challenge tomorrow evening….stay tuned!

Here are my two favorite articles about the challenge & what it’s doing for the ALS Foundation:

What An ALS Family REALLY Thinks About the Ice Bucket Challenge

and This Video:

In the Kitchen… 

This week Luke & I have eaten at home every night & it’s been wonderful! Monday was Eggplant Parmesean (which is my farmer’s market meal that I’ll be sharing soon), Tuesday was meatloaf, Wednesday was Chicken Noodle Bake, & Last night we had pizza! Taking advantage of cooking at home is so refreshing & I love spending time with my husband!

What’s your favorite meal to cook on weeknights?

       Eggplant Parmersean              //               Meatloaf              //          Chocolate Chip Toffee Dip  

Also check out the Firecracker Cookies Recipe form my kitchen over on Nina’s blog!!

Happy Friday

This week has been super exhausting for me & I am SO ready for a little R&R this weekend! We have NO plans, a bottle of wine, & a pint of ice cream…we will be juuuuuuuust fine!

Oh, & if we don’t want to stress about meal planning, these bold babies are going to be delicious! 

This weekend I plan to sleep…alot! Maybe a bonfire in the backyard & some Smores! Yum!
How about you?! Enjoy!

Frankly my dear…It’s Finally Friday!!

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