Returning from Vacation + National Relaxation Day with Tommy Bahama

National Relaxation day is quickly approaching on August, 15th and what is more relaxing than vacation!? Several days of no work, no schedule, & no responsibilities – What could possibly be negative about that?

Until….you eventually have to return home to the work, bills, & countless other obligations!
Returning home from vacation or an extended trip can sometimes be way more stressful than you had thought. Trust me on this one – two weeks in China can definitely spoil a person!

Today I am sharing with you six tips I always use before leaving on a big trip to make return home slightly less stressful!

Clear the Clutter

As if any of use have clutter, right?! Simply putting things away, throwing out old magazines & newspapers, or organizing the desk can make a world of difference upon your return. Clearing the clutter allows for you to come home to an organized home & reduces stress.

Do the dishes & the laundry

I know, I know! The dishes & the laundry are the last thing on your mind before a long trip to the beach or a weekend with family at the lake, but I promise they’ll even be further from your mind when you return – not to mention you’ll have twice as much after being gone.

Meal Plan

Before leaving on your trip you’ll want to be strategic about your meals. You don’t want to leave lots of food that will spoil in your refrigerator or fresh fruit on the counter. Plan ahead so that you won’t waste food & you’ll be prepared prior to your trip.

Pay the bills

There’s nothing like being completely stress free on vacation, so check the calendar & make sure you’re up to date with all your bills. After all, who wants to come home to no electricity? This can also be super helpful for planning a vacation on a budget, knowing you won’t accidentally over spend.

Hold the mail & make sure your neighbor is alert.

The mail is something people often overlook. Nothing says no ones home like a giant pile of unread newspapers or overflowing mailbox. Taking care of that on the front end can reduce risk of a break in & increase security. It’s also a good idea to have a family friend or neighbor keep an eye on your home for any unusual activity.

Last Minute Details

As you rush out the door to your stress-free vacay, make sure that the trash is taken out, thermostat is adjusted, & the toliets are flushed. I know the last one is kind of weird but trust me, you’ll not be a happy camper if something was left behind!

Hopefully these tips will allow you to maximize your vacation & your return home will be just as stress-free! Vacations take lots of planning & preparation, so don’t forget to plan for your return home!

Now that your prepared for a relaxing vacation & smooth return home, it’s time for to pack your bags & hit the road! This year, in order to celebrate National Relaxation Day in style, Tommy Bahama is throwing a “Summer of Go” sweepstakes on July 16th-August 18th!

This sweepstake is all about you and your means to relaxation!  They are giving away travel packages each week and at the end, one lucky Grand Prize winner will receive a Hawaiian vacation for four! You don’t want to miss this perfect relaxation giveaway!

It’s the Summer of Go so don’t miss out this year! Join Tommy Bahama & myself & celebrate this National Relaxation day with  style & ease!

Frankly my dear…Celebrate National Relaxation Day!

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A special thanks to Tommy Bahama for sponsoring today’s post & for hosting a fantastic sweepstakes for National Relaxation Day!