That Girl {A confession}

There is always that one girl that is the perfect size, the one that can fit into absolutely anything…you know her. Maybe you are her…but I am definitely not her!

When I was in middle school I struggled with an eating disorder. It is something I think I’ve mentally blocked out of my mind because I don’t remember much of it. I just know that at that point all I wanted to be was skinny – no matter the cost.

In high school I was active in sports so I was able to maintain the weight. I survived the “freshman fifteen” in college but the next year I moved into my own apartment with three best friends. We won’t even talk about the sophomore seventy the four of us gained.

Junior year we all got ahold of ourselves & I started Weight Watchers. I lost weight & remained at my favorite weight until Summer 2012…yep…Marriage! I also had a job I didn’t love & would just camp on the couch with ice cream any free chance I got. Last year Luke & I moved again & while my weight has stayed relatively the same, it’s such a battle to maintain a weight were I feel comfortable in my clothes & happy with myself.

That’s why yesterday, I officially started weight watchers again (for the third or maybe fourth time). It’s not because I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin, rather it’s because I am seeking to live a healthy lifestyle.

Diet, Exercise, & plenty of rest is something I think we all take for granted. In ten years, I don’t want those three things to be what I sacrificed.

While I’ll still be participating in the online Weight Watchers program, I don’t want to catch myself trying to achieve a “perfect” diet. I’ve come up with a few tips to keep me motivated & on track!

1. Stop Comparing – funny this is # one…especially since I started this post talking about “that girl”. I’ve talked about comparison before, but dieting more than ever is where it needs to stop. God made me the way I am for a reason. I need to work towards His healthy & ideal image of me – NOT the world’s.

2. Reward Yourself – The thing I hate most about dieting is thinking you have to give up all your favorite things. That’s one reason I love Weight Watchers. But ultimately rewarding yourself in moderation will not only reinforce healthy habits, it’ll give you something to work towards.

3. Do it together – Luke is doing this dieting thing with me too. Although I am terrified – men typically loose weight faster than women – it’ll be good that we can motivate & encourage one another. Life isn’t about struggling on our own – it’s about sharing in the good & bad times. If there’s anyone who knows how to make a diet more fun, it’ll be my husband!

4. Don’t make excuses – This one is easier said than done, but if you’re dieting & you cheat, own up to it…and most importantly don’t get down. This happens to me all too often & I find myself justifying my bad behavior (sounds more familiar than just food.) but that’s the fine line between getting it right & doing it wrong.

5. Reduce – Funny right? Isn’t that the whole point? I am talking reducing food intake, reducing food buying, limiting eating out, shopping, & mindless errand running. This dieting things needs to be more than just being intentional with food. In order to change a lifestyle, you have to reduce all areas of excess in your life.

Do you have any helpful diet tips?
What is the hardest thing for you while dieting?
What areas of excess do you need to limit in your life?

Thanks for joining me today as I dove into a few things about my life that are a little uncomfortable.
I appreciate your kind comments & look forwards to sharing this journey with you!

Frankly my dear… you are made in God’s image, embrace it!

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