Weekending + Grace

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

So, I’m a day late with weekending & full of excuses…
…I’m still catching up…
…I am in St. Louis for work….
…I was real busy this weekend…
…blah, blah, blah…

I thought about it again & realized that I don’t have to make excuses to you. You have a life, you know what it’s like…but part of me still feels like I am letting you down. I think it’s mostly because I miss all of you! Your comments, your posts. This blogging relationship is a bit complicated, ya know?
Anyhow, thanks for understanding & for giving grace.

On to weekending through pictures!

And now I am in STL for work….just when I thought it was getting caught up!! 

And since I may be MIA for a few days, follow along on twitter & instagram

Chat soon loves!

Frankly my dear…where grace has been given, grace has been received!

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