Labor Less {Weekending + September Goals}

 Welcome September & hello to a new (short) week!

It’s hard to believe Labor Day is already over & summer is coming to a close. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t ready for fall…I can NOT wait for the changing colors, pumpkin everything, & sweater weather.

This last weekend the hubby & enjoyed a southern weekend with the family.

Weekending: There’s nothing quite like Sunday’s in the South….A little shopping with my sister-in-law….breakfast at the in-laws….teaching myself a new craft, just in time for cooler weather….Testing out the margarita maker….my dinner assistant. 

Before I tell you my new goals for September, I’ll have to say I didn’t do too great on my August goals. 

Blog about China.  If you’ve been around this month, you know this didn’t happen. I don’t really have an excuse…other than I don’t know where to begin. I’ve sat down at the screen a hundred times to blog about China but it never feels right. I have lots of pictures & stories to tell…in due time.

Farmer’s Market + Dinner. Oh this one was SO fun! I went to to the farmer’s market THREE times in August & have several meals to share with you! It feels great to cook dinner at home…and accomplish a goal!

Release new items in the Etsy Shop.  Well, the items are ready, but they didn’t make it to theEtsy shop this weekend. I’m pretty sure it’ll happen later today, but no promises. For a sneak peak, click here.

Read. Read. Read. Seven. That’s all I have to say. So hard but so much truth.

Work. Work. Work. This month I had a big goal on my plate for the quarter. Unfortunately I missed it, but I know that God is faithful & he has a plan. It’s really humbling to know I tried my hardest but can’t do anything without Christ.

Create a Fall Bucket List. Coming Soon!

Continued from last month
Blog about China
Release new items in my Etsy Shop

1. Share my Farmer’s Market meal & our Fall Bucket List. You’ll love them both!

2. Try Le Tote. I tried Stitch Fix & absolutely loved it! So when I heard about Le Tote I knew I had to try it! Learn about it here & I’ll share my thoughts soon!

3. Improve my crochet skills & make something awesome! I’ve got a long list of things I want to make…but I’m just learning so I need to learn the basics first.

4. Master Weight Watcher Grocery Shopping. I am terrible at grocery shopping…like I buy EVERYTHING. Since we’re really on this diet I need to be intentional with my cart.

5. Take new blog pictures. I am super pumped to be going home next weekend & my favorite photographer & I have a date! YAY!

6. Write 3 handwritten notes to friends. Who doesn’t love snail mail?

7. Network. The Influence Conference is this month. EEEEEEE! I am a little pumped!

8. Be Intentional. This is a pretty big task but it’s necessary for me right now. I need to reduce a lot of things in my life including – financial spending, clothing, & food. No big right? Am I the only one?!

As you can see, I have BIG plans for September!
How about you?!

Frankly my dear…Hello Fall!

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