Oh Hey Friday {v.9}

Happy Friday, friends!!
Today I am joining  Kali & Amy for Oh Hey, Friday!

As per the usual – five of my favorite things about life!



There’s a million reason’s why I love fall…TV is definitely in the top 10! Next week kicks off the big premiers & earlier this week I posted what’s on our viewing schedule!

Are you a Fall TV junkie like us?
What’s on your viewing guide this year?

The Influence Conference

Words can’t explain how pumped I am to meet some incredible ladies & learn some new things. It’s my first blog conference (even though it’s not technically a blog conference) & I have the perfect bag, notebook, & business cards ready – can you tell I am just a little excited?!

 photo ConfHeader_zps4e8dab5e.jpg

Homemade Bread

Tuesday morning I baked my first three loaves of sourdough bread – from scratch! There’s so much joy that comes from baking something from nothing & knowing other people will enjoy it also. Being in the kitchen is something I learned from my mom & I am beyond grateful for that.

You can be sure I’ll find those extra pounds I’ve lost lately with all these delicious carbs sitting around!

Happy Fall Y’all!

Next week is not only the Influence Conference, an awesome week for TV, but it’s also the first official day of autumn! I am a total Fall junkie so this week, ALL the decor came out! Yesterday I completed the mix with a few mums & indian corn…perfect!

Do you decorate for Fall?
What’s your favorite Fall activity?

Blessed is she who Believes

Last week I told y’all I was going to see Beth Moore live in Fort Wayne. It was incredible! I recapped it all here but you can also download the conference here for 30 days!

There was a total of 190,000 women who were taught the word of God on Saturday. Can you imagine what kind of change in the world could happen if we all lived completely sold out for Him?


This weekend I am FINALLY home!
Cheers to that, friends! Hope your weekend is a blast!

Frankly my dear…Cheers to Friday!!!

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