Travel Bag Essentials

This weekend we’re heading off on another road trip South…to MY parents!
Visiting family is one of our favorite things. Eight to ten hour road trips, however, are NOT.
Setting aside momentary discomfort is worth every bit of family time we spend around the table, laughing with friends, & catching up on our favorite local places.

Today I’m sharing my Travel Bag Essentials!

If you know much about me, you know that I love stuff. 

I don’t pack light & I fully believe in being prepared for every occasion – hence the not packing light. It drives my husband absolutely bonkers…but he’s learning!

These are the items that I absolutely can’t live without on road trips home – or anywhere for that matter!

simplified life binder // this has my life planning in it. all my lists & lists of lists are kept here. to think about venturing 8 hours from home without this baby makes my head hurt. I love grabbing a pen & brainstorming while we drive. last weekend I dreamed up a new series & several new, specific goals for this space. YAY!

yarn + crocheting needle // my new hobby. on the way home on sunday I taught myself three new stitches. progress people, progress!

coozie + tide pen // another fun fact about me: I only drink out of cans with coozies. and straws…always a straw. since I packed some diet cokes in my giraffe print lunch box, I knew this was a necessity. and the tide pen for obvious reasons. I tend to be a hot mess in the car.

southern living // this southern girl is not complete without a little SL in her life. this month’s edition arrived right on time for all the travel!

iPad // there’s nothing like catching up on some blogs while traveling home – especially when you’re usually traveling in the dark. the husband also plays games while I’m in the driver’s seat…whenever that actually happens!

camera // capturing moments with my family & friends is so important to me. I absolutely love photography & having my camera handy makes it easy to capture those movements when you least expect it.

water bottle // hello hydration!…in a UK bottle none the less. Go Cats!

healthy snacks // probably the most important on this list. I am a snacker, no doubt about it. it’s the easiest thing ever to hit the drive-thru or grab a bag of chips for the road but 8 hours of that could lead to some serious regret on the scale. counting out pretzels in half portions & throwing in an apple or banana can make all the difference to my snacking routine.

That’s a wrap for me, friends! Off to pack for this weekend’s great adventures – including but not limited too….bridesmaid dress shopping, baby shower planning, photo shoot, home cooked meals, & the opening weekend of deer season. (that last one is for the hubby if you couldn’t tell!).

How about you?!
What’s in your travel bag?!

Frankly my dear…on to My Old Kentucky Home!

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