Whatcha Watching?!

Calling all my TV lovers!!!
Fall is not only my favorite season for sweaters, coffee, & bonfires, it’s also the most wonderful time of the year for TV!!

I’ll have to be honest here, despite my all time love of fall television premiers…I miss the days of ER, Home Improvement, Friends, Full House, & Growing Pains. I just feel like TV is totally different these days!

Anyway….this Fall I am pumped about a couple shows! Thanks to TV Guide, your Fall Premier schedule strategizing sesh is much easier!

Next week seems to be THE week for Fall premiers so it’s definitely time to start planning ahead & scheduling that DVR.


Here’s what’s on our list this Fall:

Madam Secretary – A new show that I am not sure will be a favorite or not…but I am willing to give it a shot.

The Good Wife – yep, I’m fan! Love a little lawyer drama!

The Voice – this one’s a given for me! I haven’t missed a season. Blake + Adam’s bromance gets me every time!

Blacklist – ALL. THE. WAY! I can’t even explain my excitement for this year’s season!

Forever – Another new one we are thinking of trying. There’s a bit of romance + criminal action…what isnt to love?

The Voice – …again…

Chicago Fire – One of Luke’s faves!

Person of Interest – An oldie but goodie!

Law & Order: SVU – if this isnt on your list of all time favorites, I am not sure we can be friends. Only kidding – but it IS a classic.

Chicago P.D. – Luke must really like Chicago shows!

Nashville – Probably our second fave next to Blacklist, I blame it on our Southern roots!

As disappointing as this is…we don’t really have any shows we’re dying to watch on Thursdays. Sad day since it used to be my favorite TV night of the week! We may try the new show How to get Away with Murder…or Luke may have it on Football. The later is def more likely.

The Amazing Race – Going on the race is like my biggest dream! What I would do to be ON the show!

Blue Bloods – Can you tell we like cop shows?

Wow! What a lineup…to say our DVR will be full miiiight be an understatement! Don’t you just love Fall?! And if you were wondering about Saturdays – Football….no questions asked.

So what are your fall faves?! Any new shows on your list?!

Frankly my dear…it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

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