Toot Toot {Say Hello}

You’re in the line at the coffee shop.

You are chatting it up with the lady behind you who just got the break of her life.

“What about my dream? When am I gonna get my big break?” you think.

You grab your croissant & Carmel Latte & head off to work.

In the elevator you’re daydreaming of that awesome new thing you just created & how you want to make it into your own business.

Just then, a well known business woman jumps through the door before it closes.

You’ve got seventy three seconds until you reach the 14th floor, what are you going to say?

Enter the “Elevator Speech.”

I am sure most of you have heard of this brief conversation before but if not, the “elevator speech” is a short, prepared bio of you, your business & your ideas. Of course this speech doesn’t have to occur in an elevator, but you should be prepared to “pitch” yourself at any time – business lunch, cocktail party, coffee shop, etc.

Here is my four step guide to rockin’ elevator speech!

1. Say Hello
First impressions are crucial! It’s really important that you know what you want to say before you say it & establish credibility within the first few sentences. When approaching someone with your big idea, it’s easy to get a little carried away. By being concise & organized you’ll be able to communicate your idea clearly. Spark up a conversation, say hello, & find common ground – then take it away!

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2. Toot your own horn
This is about YOU people! Nobody wants an annoying bragger, but explaining what makes you, YOU & telling people what you are passionate about is not annoying! Elaborating on your success & showing confidence is a sign of your enthusiasm. It started with hello, you established common ground, & now it’s time to share you ideas in a productive way. Make sure to prioritize the most important points you want to communicate.
Then go ahead, toot that horn, dear!!

3. Be genuine 
It’s likely that these influential people will meet several, well rehearsed other business savvy folks looking for their big break too. Take heart though, friend! What you do is awesome & you’re great at it! So, approach these situations with genuineness & excitement. Your true passion will come out & prove you really are different form the rest.

4. Practice 
Like any good sports player or song artist – practice makes perfect. It’s also proven that when we practice things, we are more confident in what we are saying/doing & we exhibit more ease. It may seem weird, but grab a mirror or even record yourself practicing your speech. Seeing what you look like & how you communicate can really help you improve on what/how you are talking.
It’s also a great idea to have a few variations practiced too. Setting is everything. If you’re talking with a businessman in an office setting, it may be a slightly different conversation then with a friend at a cocktail party.

One hello could change your life, are you willing to take a chance & make that happen?

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After all, every great relationship started with hello!

Frankly my dear….say hello & toot that horn!

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