Inside the Box {OCC}

I have been waiting for this post for weeks now!

Ever since Hayley posted about the #OCCBlogShare, I’ve been thinking about our shoebox!

You can read all about why I love Operation Christmas Child here but today I am sharing what this sweet girl somewhere in world will receive!

To learn just what Operation Christmas Child is & the history behind it, visit Samaritan’s Purse website.

Now, onto the good stuff – What’s inside!

The Essentials

The goal of OCC is to provide children around the world with items that are both fun & necessary while also sharing the gospel in their community. Millions of shoeboxes are distrusted to children & families in desperate need. I always love to include items that the children physically need  in the shoeboxes we send. A few essential items I included were a tooth brush & toothpaste, comb, washcloth, tissues, & mini manicure set. Two essential items I wish I would have included (& had room for) were a pair of flip-flops & a t-shirt….but there’s always next year!

Now, If I could only see this sweet girl in that bow…be still my heart!

The Papery 

The paper lover in me is desperate to send some sweet school supplies! Of course I chose the Lisa FRANK activity book & Disney Princess accessories. Some of the items I included for school supplies were paper, pencils, crayons, & a really nifty Little Mermaid pen + flashlight. Pretty cool, huh?!

The Fun Stuff

Of course the box wouldn’t be complete without a little fun for our sweet child. I always include some candy in addition to their toys. Some items I included – all disney of course – were jewelry, glow sticks, a puzzle, a Tamborine, sunglasses, & a jump rope. 

I know it seems like too many toys may be missing the point, but my prayer is that these fun items would bring joy to this little girl & that she would KNOW she is loved! Nehemiah 8:10 says, “for the joy of the LORD is your strength.” And I pray that the joy these things bring would make her strong in spirit! 

The Letter

The letter may be one of the most meaningful things for me. I love sharing a photo of our family & writing our little one an encouraging note. I tell them a little bit about us & ask them about their life. I think it’s important that despite the fact we will probably never meet the recipient of our boxes, that we pray for our child & lift them up to our heavenly Father who DOES know who they are. He created them for the same purpose that he created us & we should care for them just as deeply as our neighbor we do see daily.

Our shoeboxes take seven days to reach their rightful owners. I want to encourage each of you to take that seven days and each day specifically pray for your child. Prayers that they would be safe, healthy, loved, strengthened, educated. That they would be strong in their circumstances, receptive of the gospel, courageous to share it. We cannot imagine the lives these children live & just praying for understanding & compassion will also help our hearts.

Just like it’s not about the toys & toothbrushes, it’s what’s truly inside that matters. This project is NOT to send presents, it’s to send the gospel to the hearts of these children & THAT should be our biggest prayer & motivation in participating in this project!

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Happy Friday!

Frankly my dear…it’s what inside that matters!

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