Oh Hey Friday! {v.16}

It’s my favorite day! And tonight I get to sleep in my own bed. THAT’s a reason to celebrate Friday!

Five on Friday – Enjoy.

Make It Happen Book

Have you heard the latest Influence news?! 500 FREE copies of Lara Casey’s Make It Happy book are going out to Influence members across the country! Sign up for yours today!

A detox from the www and the dot com

This week has seriously made me reevaluate my online purpose. 
I found this on Pinterest & feel like it may be a sign.


Dress Your Tech

Design Love Fest puts out new ways to dress your tech each week & yesterday’s was a good one! Update your tech!


Scratch my best friends wedding & insert baby! Baby Reid will be here in a month & we celebrated last weekend with the CUTEST shower I’ve ever seen! His nursery is decorated in lambs so this all neutral shower was to die for!

Valentines DIY

We may be a couple weeks out from Valentine’s day, but it’s never to early to start a fun DIY project! These sweet handmade cards will be perfect for your man – or bestie!

Who’s got exciting weekend plans?! 

Frankly my dear…Happy Weekending!!!!

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