Are you afraid of the dark?

a shout out to all the 90’s kids out there!

I’ve always been afraid of the dark. Like always (yes,
including this very day). My husband teases me about it & my friends think I’m
crazy but I am truly, 100% scared of the dark. It’s not that I’ve actually
experienced anything bad in the dark to make me scared, I’ve just always felt
this overwhelming fear that there’s something there. Maybe it’s all the scary
movies I watched or maybe I’m just a wimp, but it’s a fear of mine that only
ONE thing can cure – LIGHT.

Today on Wednesday’s Words we are discussing surrendering our
fears to the Lord but first I want to say that not all Fear is bad. Scripture
even commands us to fear our Lord. (Deuteronomy 10:20). But this fear is not the kind
we are discussing today. I firmly believe that, like most things that God
created perfect, the enemy has twisted & changed this once holy attribute
into a sinful, wretched idea that we deal with on the daily.

Lately I’ve really been struggling with putting into words
my goals and aspirations for this space and in life in general. I haven’t
wanted to share all the messy details going on with life & it’s really taking
a toll on me. I’ve been saying things like “I don’t feel like it,” I’ve been
making excuses, & I’ve been putting things off. It would be really easy for
me to say that now is the time to stop that & that I will be bringing
purposeful living to a new level. I could tell you all about my new schedule
& how my goals are going to make this ALL better. But if I’m being real
honest here, I’m overwhelmed & stretched way to thin. I took on too much
& now I’m paying the price. It’s not that I said yes to things I don’t love;
it’s that I’ve said yes to way too many things. I’ve done a million things
terribly rather than just one thing right & that’s tough. It’s also tough
for me to tell you all of this but if we are laying all our fears out there and
TRULY surrendering them, this is what it’s going to have to take.

If you really want to get to it, here they are. Here are the
fears that keep me up at night far more than when my night light burns out…

…I fear what others think of me…

…I fear letting others down…

…I fear being judged, let down, & talked about…

…I fear not being a good enough wife, daughter, friend…

…I fear that I won’t be able to do it all…

…I fear that one day I won’t be able to have children…

…I fear getting old…

…I fear not being good enough, pretty enough, or rich enough…

…I fear failure…

…I fear regretting things…

…I fear most of all that I’ll gain the things of this world
and loose what really matters…

There are many more things that I could add to this list but
if there’s one thing that I know about fear, it’s that we ALL experience it.
Maybe the things on my list are totally different than yours, but maybe some of
them are the same. And that’s where I feel like surrendering our fear comes in.
To truly surrender our fears, we’ve got to own them, admit them, face them, and
confess them. Without facing the fears we experience daily, we will never be
able to overcome them.

For me, facing fears requires me to admit them to the Lord because
I know that there’s a MUCH deeper root to that fear. For example, if I’m truly
afraid of what others think of me, it’s because I’m not viewing myself as a
daughter of the King. If I’m afraid of failing at something it’s because I’m
not trusting in His perfect strength. When we really get down to it, our fears
are rooted in lies about who our God really is. We believe that he is not big
enough or great enough to cover that aspect of our lives & what a LIE that
is y’all! I am in tears as I type this because I KNOW that I have been
believing that lie & because of it, I fear SO many things.

Friends, surrendering your fears are not about just getting
over them – it’s about finding the root of the lie you are believing & confessing
that to God. If we don’t begin looking at those lies & the fears they
cause, our fears and excuses WILL become barriers for growth in ourselves &
for those around us.

1 John 5:19 says, “We know that we are of God, and the whole
world is under the sway of the Evil one

I know that I am of God & no matter what the Evil one
does to sway the world, my worth comes from the Perfect one. No fear is too
great or too powerful to overcome our savior. Take heart in THAT friend!

Just like the flip of a light switch can cause my fear of
the dark to subside, I know that Jesus can cover every fear of mine AND yours!!!

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