God’s Goodness

Happy {three days late} February!
I wanted to drop in and catch you up a little! Things are quite hectic but it’s chock full of God’s goodness!

1  |  Last week I was in New Orleans for a work trip! It was awesome & I shared a little about it here.

2  |  We bought a house. A beautiful country home with property & all. We are so thrilled. And overwhelmed. There are boxes stacked to the ceiling and NOTHING is in its place. But, we bought a house.

3  |  My best friend, sorority sister, & college roommate had her sweet baby boy. He’s healthy, she’s doing great, & I am an aunt. Yay!

4  | While I am not painting walls and sewing curtains just yet, I LOVE the possibilities!

For now I’ll be unpacking boxes & focusing on my new job. There will be plenty of new stuff to come but for now, I’m just taking my time & really prioritizing what matters most! You can still find me on Instagram & religiously live tweeting the Bachelor on Monday nights! 

See you soon!

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