Welcome to the Week {v.11}


1  |  Moving.  I’ve been missing for a few weeks but I can feel things changing. Some it I’m excited about & some of it I’m terrified of. I’m excited about out new home (see #3) & being close to friends (#2) and family. But I’m also nervous about this new job, finding new friends, & learning to say no to things. I know that God’s blessings & abundance are evident & I deeply want to learn to thrive in this season rather than just survive. That’s why I’ve taken a little break, taken time to focus, to just be with the ones I love in this new place. I’m so excited about what God’s teaching & revealing but it’s scary too – ya know?

2  |  I introduced you to this dapper dude (my best friend’s baby) a few weeks ago & he is still the sweetest ever! On Valentine’s Day my college roomies & our fellas got together over a homemade dinner and glass of wine! There was some wedding talk, marriage talk, & certainly some snuggling with this guy too! THIS is what moving home is ALL about!

3  |  The idea of a new home is so exciting. So many possibilities. So many new ideas. Except when you have empty rooms that leave you wanting more that you can afford. I have to keep remaining myself that a house is a home without a formal dining room table or china cabinet. A house is home regardless of boxes strewn about or things neatly put away. A house is a home because the man I adore & I have a beautiful place of our very own & far more than we could ever ask for!

4  | I would be remised to not welcome you to the week without mentioning this beautiful winter weather we’ve had across the country the past few days. I will admit transportation has been a bit of a issue (as your can see the skating rink of a road I drove on Thursday) BUT I’m so thankful to live in an area that allows me to witness the beautiful seasons created by our God. So rather than wishing about this season – savor it!


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