MIA March + April Goals

It’s been a while, friends! How are you?

I’ve been MIA most of March & I’ve really missed this community! Things got crazy & I really felt led to just take a step back & do the next thing. For me, the next thing was tending to my new home, focusing on my job, & being present in my marriage.

I won’t lie, there was a twinge of guilt in my heart for forsaking my blogging duties but when I asked myself the question “When I look back six months from now, what will I have wanted more of?” Family Time or Blogging? I choose the first & I definitely don’t regret it.

God has showed me that I like to do A LOT of things. I think that’s one of the attributes he has instilled in me. However I believe that with that desire, he often gives me lots of things to do in order to show me just how much I NEED him. This season of busy was one of those moments.

Blogging – to me – is not about making money or building a business. I have fallen into the numbers game & even compromised my goals by trying to make something of this blog that it is not. My intentions are to know Jesus & make him known. I want to know people & share life with them. This click on the internet that you’ve stumbled upon is my space to make that happen – and I am SO glad that you are here.

About a year ago I began creating monthly goals. I started for a couple reasons – stay focused, remember things that were important to me, etc. But as time has gone on & I’ve learned the power of grace & the word no, I’ve decided to switch up my goal making. Before, I made a list of 7-10 things I really wanted to do over the next calendar month. Now, I’m going to narrow those in a little bit to four key areas of my life that are most important to me – God, Personal Growth, Marriage/Wife Life, & Business/Blog. There’s tons of goals I could make for myself but I’m finding the beauty in simplicity.

Pray More. Can it really be that simple? YES! 

Lately I’ve been taking prayer for granted & not as one of the most powerful tools God has given me. I want to pray specifically, intentionally, & expectantly.

Find my rhythm & routine. This may be stating the obvious but my life has lacked some serious routine lately. Moving, new job training, traveling…the list is exhausting & so is not having a rhythm. 

Give Grace. Last week I seemed to have forgotten all about grace. I was unforgiving & difficult. 

This month I really want to make a point to show grace is all areas of life but specifically to my husband and in all things marriage. 

Write. Simply put, I just want to do it. I need to do it. 

It’s been stressful these last few weeks but I truly miss this outlet and my friends. This one will go along with my personal goal to find routine & I fully intend to pencil this time into the new daily.

So for today, I’m choosing surviving over thriving. I’m choosing simplicity & small over extravagant & big. I want to do the things that matter. Thanks for stopping by today & for all of you I have desperately missed, it’s SO good to see you!

Frankly my dear…it’s been a while!post signature