Welcome to the Week {v.13}


1  |  Weekending. One of the best parts of moving home is getting to do all the fun things we used to do…like bow fish in the lake & ride four wheelers. Bet you didn’t know I had a redneck side to me!

2  |  Home. The yard is mowed, almost all of the boxes are unpacked, & new projects are underway – it’s safe to say we are fully embracing a home of our very own!

3  |  Garden. We started our first outdoor spring project a few weeks ago & #FranksHomegrownAdventure is coming along nicely. We had a few sunny days this weekend & we were able to get the rest of our garden planted. Hurry up little crop babies!

4  | Crafting. Springtime just oozes God’s creativity & I love joining in the fun & making some sweet decorations for my home. Have you created anything lately?


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