Welcome to the Week {v.14}


1  |  Proud Wifey. Isn’t that boy up there the cutest? He killed a big turkey on opening day & he sent me this picture since I wasn’t there to see it. He was excited & I couldn’t love him more!

2  |  Role model. Not only was this wedding weekend a huge success….this lady & I got to spend three packed days together & they were awesome. We laughed & cried & almost fell out of the sky when our plane hit some intense turbulence, but I wouldn’t change a minute. So thankful to call this lady my mom.

3  |  Bride. She was beautiful yall! There’s something so captivating about a bride on her big day & I loved this shot of her minutes before she said “I Do!” I had a blast with all my cousins celebrating Lauren & Jake! #theperfectbrew

4  | Little M. She’ll be here soon! This weekend was my real life sister from another mother’s baby shower & although I missed it due to wedding travel – I couldn’t resist dropping this little gift off to the mommy-to-be. I am so excited for this precious lady & can’t wait to meet her!


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So, how was your weekend?

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