{All The Things} I haven’t had time to say

1.      I am spread too thin. By my own design no less. I have started about 35169 tasks since May 1st & haven’t really finished a one.

2.      My heart melts every time my four year old nephew calls me “Aun Nennie”

3.      The Influence Network’s Creative Women Summit was incredible. {Missed it? Join! You won’t be sorry!}

4.      I am really nervous about re-launching my wedding coordinating business.

5.      Moving home has been crazy hard for me. 

6.      I’ve watched a few too many wedding videos of people I don’t know recently.

7.      Leading a small group through the Influence Network has be super pumped about the lives of women on the internet.

8.      I am devastated I finished Scandal on Netflix. Speaking of TV shows, why can’t The Gilmore Girls come back?

9.      I really need to drink more water.

10.   Our garden is really taking off – hello fresh veggies & homemade salsa!

11.   I’m kind of over all the self-help books & posts lately – I really just want to get lost in another world with crazy characters.

12.   My college roomie got married this past weekend & it was absolutely perfect!

13.   I hate that I haven’t been more present on the blog but it is what it is & the internet does work without me (although I miss you).

Frankly my dear…all the things!

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