Throwback Thursday: Top Five

Welcome to Frankly My Dear y’all!

Come February 1st this little space is going to be a lot more active but in the meantime I thought I’d throw it back by recapping some of the most popular posts here at Frankly My Dear!

I’m going to go ahead & warn you that while the links below are all active to posts I created, the links that are in the posts may not be active anymore. It’s been a few sleeps since these were written & some of the content may not be active anymore.

The posts below capture a great view of what I loved most about this space – good food with good friends, a little DIY, faith, & inspo. I hope that you enjoy these throwbacks & I’d love for you to comment below on which was your fave & what you’re most looking forward to on the new (not-so-new) FMD!

#5: In 2014 I joined my gal pal Rachel for her Bread & Wine Project. Shauna Niequist’s book, Bread and Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes, had just come out & this series was dedicated to those reading the book. Check out this delicious Strawberry Cobbler Recipe I shared – I can still smell my kitchen now!

#4: Also in 2014 (a happening year!) I hosted a series called TaTa Tuesday in honor of a dear friend who lost her battle with breast cancer (you can read about her story here). This post is a favorite of mine & has actually be used by many of my readers. It also doesn’t have to be limited to breast cancer patients but any loved one who is undergoing treatments! Check out this Think Pink {Chemo Care Kit}!

#3: Another edition of TaTa Tuesday, this post is all about celebrating your loved one! Visit the Celebrate Life! post to read all about hosting an event.

#2: My Christian faith is a foundation for me. The purpose behind creating a space like this is to share the overflow of my heart & that’s exactly what I created with Wednesday’s Words. This is a series I intend to bring back but in the meantime, this post – Promises – was in the top five favorites on FMD!

#1: The number one all time most popular post is a real throwback to when “link-ups” were THE THING in blogging. I’m obviously dating myself here y’all but the stats don’t lie! The most favored post here on Frankly My Dear was our first ever Tuesday Tea where I shared my antique find & coffee bar inspo. I still use this little hutch & while it’s not a coffee bar anymore, it’s definitely still one of my favorite pieces. (and I do still have a coffee bar — just closer to the kitchen!)


So glad you joined me today on this walk down memory lane & I can’t wait for you to join me next week as we start a new chapter of Frankly My Dear! I’ve got lots of fun new content planned that I can’t wait to share with you!

Don’t forget to drop me a comment below with your favorite throwback and what you’re most looking forward too!


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