Oh Hey! + Friday Faves

Hello Friends! It’s been a minute! Some of you may have been floored to see a new post pop up on Frankly My Dear & some of you may be totally new. Either way I say Welcome or Welcome Back!

For some of you who don’t know – actually I didn’t really either because I had to look all the way back– I started this space back in 2011. I had just graduated college, about to get married, move away from the only place I’d ever called home, & start a new career. I was searching for some sort of space to call my own & to share my adventure with friends and family. Fast-forward EIGHT years to today & you’ll find me moving BACK to the place I used to call home and expecting our first baby! All I can say that the Lord’s plan is definitely far better then mine!

It feels strange to come back – a little like bumping into an old friend that you haven’t kept up with like you wished. It’s a bit intimidating; after all you were so close & know there’s so much water under the bridge. I can’t help but wonder, will they be happy to see me, will they roll their eyes because they think it won’t last, or will they be just as happy to see me as I am to see them?

This new space that I am stepping back in to feels so different then before. I feel like there is some sort of expectations that were not here before. The perfectly filtered photos & name brand shopping hauls are not something that this blog or Instagram will be sporting – will that be ok? What will people think?

Comparison is something that I’ve always struggled with. I want to fit in, I want to be one of the girls – we all do. But in a world where everyone is striving to be each other, we are desperately loosing sight of the women we were truly called to be. This thought has been resonating deeply with me over the past several months & it’s one of the biggest drivers of me jumping back on this blogging bandwagon.

I am huge on expectations. I’ve probably shared here (many moons ago) before, but I used to cry at all my birthday parties because they never lived up to the huge ideas in my head. There are photos at my Cinderella birthday party where we are all in our pink leotards with tutus on & I am crying while all my other friends are laughing & smiling – all because something fell short of how I had expected it to be. My saint of a Mother, Yall!

Anyway, back to the point – I want to get it all out there on what you can expect from the new, not-so-sure-it-will-be-improved-but-here-we-go, Frankly My Dear. I’ll be the one fighting for authenticity. I’m more likely to share my Dollar Tree finds then anything from the Nordstrom sale. I shop local & still have clothes in my closet from college – sorry Marie Kondo. The google search bar is my best friend & I LOVE a good deal. My goal to share life WITH you, not just tell you all the great things that I bought or are happening in my life. Life is a series of awkward moments & ups & downs, this is my space to share the real reel – not the Dreamy #5 Instagram filter that I use in my lightroom app.

If authenticity & community are something you’re looking for too, I’m excited that you’re here & cannot wait to interact with you. In the coming months I’ll be sharing all things food, baby, home, & DIY with you. In the meantime, here are a few of my recent Friday Favorites!

Listening: Women of Worship playlist on Spotify — SO. GOOD.

Reading: Well sort of reading – I’m actually listening on Audible – The Lifegiving Home by Sally Clarkson.

Watching: The Hallmark Movies + Mysteries channel. No Shame in this #HallmarkAndChill Game!  Do you have a favorite series or movie from HMM? I also can’t forget A Simple Favor. LOVE me some Blake Lively!

Wearing: These maternity leggings on repeat.


I hope that you have a great weekend & I’m excited to see what we get into in the coming days! Drop a comment below & let me know a little about you – are you new here or been around a while? What is something you’re loving this Friday?!