Our Daughter [the story behind the name]

Many people have asked me how we landed on the name “Clark Annalea” for our baby girl. It’s easy really. Luke & I have been surrounded by strong women in our lives. From family members to close friends, we have been shown what it means to love like Jesus, work hard, & love even harder by the women we’ve grown up around.

Clark comes from Luke’s grandmother on his father’s side.

Clark Elizabeth raised her family well on a farm in Tennessee. She was said by many to been the glue that held her family together. Her passion for her family, her strong will, & ability to whip up the best cornbread are among the many traits that we pray our southern Miss will gain from her great grandmother & namesake.

Anna Lea, a family friend, was one of the most dear women in my life. Clark’s middle name will forever be a reminder of the life of one of the most genuine, life-giving woman I’ve ever known. She was the first text on my wedding day, voicemail on every job interview, never missed a birthday, prayer warrior kind of woman. She loved her people & loved Jesus even more. [I share more about her here.]

I’ve never been so sure of anything than the name of our little girl. These two women in our lives have impacted so many by their love & faith.

Our little love, Clark Annalea Frank, will no doubt be among the next generation of strong women.


We shared this story at my first baby shower in KY with photos of Clark & Anna Lea. It was such a special display & am so thankful for the legacy of these two women.


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