What’s in my hospital bag? {updated}

Well this is a bit awkward. If you follow me on social media you know by now that Clark Annalea made her EARLY appearance before I had the chance to share this post with you. In fact, I was working on it the day I went into the hospital thinking I would be coming home. Guess baby girl had OTHER plans! Anyway, here I am three weeks into this momma thing & I’m finally carving out some time from staring at our sweet angel baby (and napping – let’s be honest) to update this post! Sorry for the delay folks! 😉 

Diaper Bag | Top | Jeans

The countdown is officially on! Sunday I hit the crucial 37 week mark so we’re in the clear for a full term pregnancy. Praise the Lord!!

To be honest, this pregnancy caught me a little off guard. We weren’t really trying but we weren’t not trying either if you know what I mean. Luke has been ready for quite some time but I was certainly skeptical about such a huge life change. It is something that I prayed about & had a heart-to-heart with the Lord and just left it in his hands. I was off birth control for almost a year exactly when we discovered we were pregnant. Since finding out the exciting news I have been pretty laid back about most of the pregnancy. I’ve been extremely lucky as I haven’t experienced extreme sickness or fatigue. (There was some in the first trimester but it certainly was not like some of you!) All in all, I have enjoyed pregnancy & it’s starting to settle in that I am about to be a MOTHER! (what even!)

As we close in on the final days before meeting our sweet daughter (literally laughing out loud reading this three weeks later..oh how little I knew!), I am starting to get a bit anxious. Although it’s in a good, excited way, as things are starting to progress towards labor, I am definitely on edge to know just when this little girl is going to make her grand entrance.

In an effort to prepare for little miss, I’ve resulted to cleaning all the things & packing all the bags. My IG crew has been super helpful in all the recommendations for what to pack & in an effort to share the love, I’ve compiled my list for all you mommas-to-be!

And now that I know all the things post delivery, I’ll include my comments on what I used, didn’t use, wish I would have or have not brought with me! 


  • Robe: I have two – a really comfy one to wear all the time & another, more dressy robe to wear during our fresh 48 photo session. | I did wear both robes while in the hospital & was loved both of them. Here’s a peek at one of the photos! 
  • PJs: I have two maternity gowns & two sets of button up pajamas with pants| The button up pajamas with pants were definitely my choice postpartum. I didn’t even think about the gowns since I wanted the extra security of those pants! I would recommend a darker color in case you were to experience bleeding.
  • Going home outfit: waffle knit button up & leggings. (I’m also packing a pair of joggers & top) | Chose the waffle knit & maternity leggings since it was more comfy.
  • Shoes: house shoes & flip flops for shower shoes | Must have for both the house shoes & shower shoes (I’m weird like that)! I did however forget to pack other sandals to wear home so I ended up having to wear the shower shoes home. No big dear since they were just plain ones from Old Navy but do remember to pack shoes to come home in – something easy like flip flops or sandals since your feet may be swollen – mine were. 
  • Make-up – I am taking my everyday make-up..nothing special. | I did use my make up for our Fresh Baby session on Friday & to go home on Saturday. I am just someone who feels better when I do my make up! That’s just me though – you do you! 
  • Facewipes, Deodorant, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Face Lotion – also just my normal routine toiletry items. | I used all of these things. That first time I brushed my teeth was heavenly! My recommendation would be to pack your normal beauty products. I am slightly OCD about packing so one day I wrote out a list on my phone while I was getting ready & then bought a new set so that it would be packed & I wouldn’t have to worry about grabbing it on my way out the door. You’ll also be thankful for the extra set when you get home so you don’t have to worry about running out.
  • Shower stuff: shampoo, conditioner, soap, shower oil | You’ll definitely want your own shower products! It feels ah-mazing & so nice to feel yourself! I actually packed the Herbal Essence shampoo because it smells so good & I knew I’d love that after labor. 
  • Hair: brush, hair ties, blow dryer, maybe straightener or my curling iron | Used all of these as well. You’ll definitely want to remember a hair tie or scrunchy for labor! I decided on my curling iron & did use it for my Fresh 48 photo session. 
  • *Medications: Prenatal, Allergy Medication | The hospital provided me a prenatal while I was there. I didn’t use my allergy medication there but was told to continue it once I got home. (Obviously check with your doctor for whatever medications you’re taking). 
  • Momwasher + Perineal Spray | The Momwasher was one of my favorite postnatal items & am so thankful I had it at the hospital and at home afterward. The hospital will provide a standard squirt bottle but this one is just so much more comfortable to use. So the Perineal Spray didn’t actually arrive in time (face palm). But it’s ok because the hospital provided Dermoplast & Tucks pads. PRO TIP: Ask for more and TAKE. IT. HOME. You’ll need it – trust me. Same with all the mesh panties+ pads and baby things: diapers, wipes, etc. 
  • Pads + Depends – some say they have these at the hospital but that the ones you bring are more comfortable | I did not use the ones I brought because I actually did like the ones from the hospital but I did use mine when I ran out of the ones from the hospital at home. See pro tip above! 
  • *Chapstick | Must have! We love this Duke Cannon Lip Balm. My hospital did actually provide me a tube as well! 
  • *Diffuser & Oils | I did use this while in the hospital! For delivery I diffused Valor + Peace & Calming. At night I diffused Lavender. I’m a person that really loves smelly good things so this made me feel at home & was safe for baby! 
  • Shower towel – recommended by many since the hospital towels are so small so I bought one of the shower sheets | A MUST! This was SO nice & the towels they provided were SO. SMALL. 
  • *Phone Charger with long cord + Apple Watch cord | Like with the bathroom + beauty items, I made sure I had an extra cord packed so I didn’t have to worry about grabbing mine that I use every night. 
  • *Water Cup with Straw (probably taking a my fave Target Cup + stainless steel straw| I loved having my own cup & it was bigger then the ones the hospital provides. I recommend this for your & your partner! 
  • *Handheld Massage Ball – I picked up a set of these from my local Aldi but since things like that are seasonal, here’s something similar from Amazon. They can also be used with essential oils so I’m packing my favorites! | We did use these during labor just without the oils! They were great & I’m glad I had them. 
  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker – I thought this might be nice for our labor room. | I didn’t use this. 
  • Pillows – yes, I know hospitals have their own pillows but someone recommended this & I love the idea! | I don’t regret this AT ALL! We left them in the car until we were in our postpartum room & then Luke brought them in. We bought the cheap two pack from Walmart for $16, put our own (freshly washed) pillow cases on them, & it made ALL the difference! I also had my mom bring me my comfy sherpa blanket on Friday & it made it so much more homey + comfortable. 
  • Snacks | I actually made a huge basked of snacks & goodies for our nurses & we used some of these snacks as our own. I’ll share all the details of this in another post! To be honest, I didn’t think about snacks that much but I also had some great friends that dropped by with coffee and Chic-fil-a! 
  • Kindle Fire + Camera | I didn’t use the kindle but I did pack The Happiest Baby on the Block & I did read it early on Friday morning when I couldn’t sleep. My camera never actually made it to the hospital but I didn’t worry about it all. You’ll take ALL the pics on your phone so clean that bad boy off before your little comes. Trust me on this one….and I am only three weeks in. hashtag need more storage. 
  • I am not a breastfeeding momma so make sure that if you are, pack items like nipple butter, nursing bras & shirts that are easy to nurse with, nursing pads, etc.

All the items with the (*) asterisk in front of them are items that I threw into a separate bag last minute so that it would be easy to know which items I wanted in labor room. It also happened to be teal, polkadots with our last name monogrammed on it so it was super easy to describe to the husband when laying in the hospital bed! (LOL!) 



  • Diaper Bag – I’ve shared my Itzy Ritzy with y’all before but can’t help but share again because I just love it! | I still totally support this statement & love this bag! 
  • A couple onsies – some people say that they stay in the hospital gowns but I have too many cute things not to have just in case. (I am that overpacker…no judgment) | I’m thankful I took my own! The first day she stayed swaddled but I wish I would’ve put on one of her onesies. On Friday she did wear something we brought + the outfits for our Fresh 48 session. 
  • Going home outfit – What kind of southern momma would I be if there wasn’t a smocked gown in my hospital bag?! This Edgehill Collection Ruffle Newborn Gown was my outfit of choice for leaving the hospital! | This little number was the sweetest! 
  • Copper Pearl Swaddle + Hat for Fresh 48 session | There are so many options these day for matching swaddles, robes, etc. that it was overwhelming to me. I settled on this one & coordinated my robe & Luke’s shirt to complement the pattern without being too matchey matchey. The pictures turned out GREAT! 
  • Hospital Hat + bow | I originally bought this off of Jane so I couldn’t find the exact one but here’s a look-a-like
  • Socks & Hand Mittens | The hospital actually provided us with a pair of mittens but we used a gown with built in mittens instead. We also wore the sock’s home. 
  • Car Seat | This is required so obviously it’s a must. We LOVE LOVE LOVE our UppaBaby Mesa
  • Boppy | We did use for feeding a couple times but we could’ve just used a pillow if we didn’t have. 



  • Comfy clothes (shorts + tee) | We stayed two nights (48 hours) so Luke only needed a couple outfits. I did overpack for him by packing pajama pants that he did not wear. 
  • Casual Button Up + Jeans for fresh 48
  • Toiletries (deodorant, tooth brush, toothpaste, etc.) | See tips above about my toiletries. I did the same for him. 
  • Socks/House shoes | I forgot Luke’s shower shoes. Ugh!
  • Phone Charger | I recommend the longer cord for him too! 



Other recommendations I received form my Instagram fam: portable fan, extension cord, & twin sheets.

Another PRO TIP that I want to add is TAKE ADVANTAGE of your nurses!! I had such a great support team at our hospital. That’s what they’re there for & all of mine were eager to help and answer my questions. Seriously, there are no dumb questions when it comes to tiny babes — ask ALL the questions because goodness knows when you get home, you’ll have 1000000 more & wish you had someone to ask! Also, don’t forget to take home all the extras & ASK FOR MORE. Trust me on this. A sweet friend of mine encouraged me to do this & I am so thankful! 

I am certain that there are about 1,000 mommas out there that are rolling their eyes at this list – if they even made it this far! But that’s ok because everybody is a little different & certainly no two births are the same. I’m excited & nervous about how Clark Annalea will make her appearance into the world but I am certain that when she does, it’ll be the best day ever…regardless of what’s in my hospital bag! 😉

I will also come back to update this post with all the postpartum tips post baby! Hopefully you’ll find this helpful and If you have any helpful items you packed that you’d love to share, drop them in the comments – I’d love to hear them!

Have a great week friends!!

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